Tehran (IP) - Head of Sharif University of Science and Technology said that paving the way for Iranian students of foreign universities to come back to Iran is our goal.

Iran PressIran news: On the sideline of the unveiling ceremony of 'Iran Migration Outlook' Mahmud Fotuhi Firuzabadi in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said that studying in postdoc and working as a science committee are considered for Iranian students of foreign universities.

He added that the National Elite Foundation and vice presidency for science and technology also support them to establish knowledge-based companies and start an activity in their own related field.

Fotuhi went on to say: "Preparing Iran Migration Outlook helps us to not only have the exact data of Iranian abroad but also it helps us to take advantage of their potentials."

"This outlook also assists us to plan well, based on the exact and available data," he concluded.

The unveiling ceremony of Iran Migration Outlook was held on Tuesday by the attendance of Iran’s Vice President is Science and Technology, Sorena Sattari.  104/207

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