The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Stockholm, Ahmad Masoumifar

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Stockholm called the propaganda of creating hatred against Iranians as an old way of diverting public opinion from a dirty project in the region.

Iran Press/Iran News: Ahmad Masoumifar said: "The violent and occupying Zionist regime does not deserve giving advice to others."

Iran’s ambassador to Sweden wrote an article in response to the Zionist regime ambassador's hatred and resentment towards the Iranian government and people.

In an article in the Swedish evening newspaper called Expressen, the Israeli ambassador to Stockholm called on Sweden and European governments to end talks with Iran, as Iran views the situation as a weakness of the other side and uses it to develop its aggressive policies.

He suggested that the present time was the right time to step up the pressure and impose tough sanctions on Iran.

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran wrote in an article entitled "A violent and occupier regime does not deserve to advise others" published in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, said: "The Zionist Regime which has so far ignored dozens of UN resolutions, wants to persuade Europe and Sweden to end diplomacy with Iran."

Masoumifar stated: "the JCPOA or the Iran nuclear deal has been an important achievement in the history of multilateral diplomacy and a model of a diplomatic solution to a long-standing political dispute adding the overwhelming majority of the international community agreed to support it, with the European Union and the Swedish government being its main supporters.

"The only opponents of this agreement are the irrational administration of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the oldest and only occupying regime in the Middle East," he said.

"It is not surprising that misinformation has increased these days, as they are supposed to mislead the public about a major anti-humanitarian and crisis-making project in the Middle East," said the Iranian ambassador to Sweden. 

 According to Masoumifar, some regimes can only survive by creating crisis and violating other international rights; This is a classic Machiavellian policy of diverting public opinion from a serious global issue of violating international law and occupying the land of a defenseless people by creating a hypothetical enemy and a hollow threat.

"For violent and occupier regimes, the human consequences of policies are irrelevant and they justify the achievement of political goals by any means and methods," he highlighted.

The recommendation to isolate and blockade the people is an inhumane method that has been applied to the residents of Gaza, the world's largest open prison with two million prisoners, for several years, now it is recommended to Europe to apply the same method against the 80 million people of Iran.

Masoumifar said: "It is understandable why hatred against Iranians has increased recently. This is an old way of diverting public opinion to carry out a dirty project."

On Jun 06, Iran’s President, in a message to the King of Sweden, emphasized the deepening of relations between the two countries and its expansion at the bilateral and international levels.


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