Biden predicts that Trump will try to ‘indirectly steal the election

Joe Biden warned that US President Donald Trump will try to “indirectly steal” the 2020 election by making a case against mail-in ballots, a voting method that many are expected to use to avoid exposure to the coronavirus during November’s election.

Iran Press/America: Trump will present mail-in ballots as fraud by making the argument that “they’re not real, they’re not fair,” Biden said.

He has also said that Trump might try to delay the election and that the president might not leave the White House voluntarily if he does lose.

Biden’s remarks on Thursday offered the most detail about how he believes Trump might unfairly influence the outcome of the presidential contest. Biden’s campaign has mounted an aggressive voter-access effort, including hiring a team of lawyers to challenge any irregularities.

The 2020 United States elections will be held on 3 November 2020 and voters will either decide to re-elect the current president Donald Trump and his vice-president Mike Pence or Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee.


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