Joe Biden calls Trump first racist president in America

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has called Donald Trump the first racist president in the United States.

Iran PressAmerica: According to Guardian, US presidential candidate Joe Biden called US President Donald Trump a racist president, given his mood and behavior during his time in the White House.

"Trump promotes racism, and the way he treats people is based on their skin color, their ethnicity, and their nationality," Biden said, adding: "It's really disgusting."

Biden has previously said that Donald Trump has blazed the flames of hatred across the country with his speeches, policies, appointments, and actions.

According to Biden: The United States has seen an increase in Islamophobia under Trump.

Biden stressed that Trump has appointed people in the Department of Defense and the United States Agency for International Development who had openly Islamophobic and racist tendencies.

Trump's racist remarks, actions, policies, and stances have been met with protests from various sections of American society.

In the meantime; Since May 25, various US cities have been the scene of demonstrations by people protesting the racist behavior of the US police.

On Monday, May 25, a white American police officer killed George Floyd, a black American citizen, in Minneapolis.

This crime has angered the American people. Police in riot gear stormed rallies and cracked on protestors.

Thousands have been injured in protests in recent weeks in the United States.  207/219

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