Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said that Iran is self-sufficient in strategic agricultural products like wheat.

Iran PressIran NewsHassan Rouhani made the remarks on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of national water and soil projects held via video conferencing, saying: "The government's plan is to reach 23,000 hectares of greenhouse cultivation by the end of the twelfth government. However, with the efforts of the government during the past 7 years, we have created more greenhouses, compared to the last 30 years."

"With the cultivation and harvesting of strategic and food products in the country, the situation is desirable and satisfying and Iran is self-sufficient in this regard," he said, noting that many countries are storing major agricultural and food products following the Coronavirus pandemic and are refusing to sell them.

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The Iranian President added: "Despite the drought and lack of rain, the people of Yazd and Hormozgan provinces are using modern irrigation systems. And greenhouse cultivation in different agricultural sectors have succeeded in producing very good products and we are witnessing good developments in these areas in the agricultural sector."

In this ceremony, some 809 projects and greenhouse complexes with an area of 473 hectares throughout Iran, the operation of 5 water and soil projects with an area of ?73,500 hectares and the operation of 16,800 hectares of rain-fed garden development projects on sloping lands throughout Iran was commenced by the order of the President.

These projects will be implemented with a total credit of 3,400 billion tomans and by exploiting them, sustainable employment will be created for 10,340 people.  207/214

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