Iran's Foreign Minister has said that the United States has certainly become a rogue and lawbreaker state.

Iran PressIran NewsMohammad Javad Zarif in an interview with the Russian media Sputnik on Wednesday, referred to the fact that that the US has certainly become a rogue and lawbreaker state, saying: "However, this country has significant banking capabilities and influence on the global banking system."

Referring to the fact that the global community is considering whether it is necessary to recognize the US power over the global banking system or whether there is a need to change it, Zarif added: "We are currently seeing some steps in this direction."

Responding to the question over the measures taken by Iran to revive the relations with Saudi Arabia, Zarif highlighted that Iran is ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia as two Persian Gulf states.

Talking about the fact that the Saudi Arabian authorities are more aimed at starting a war (along) with the United States and benefitting from it, Zarif stressed: "The Saudis had better wake up, cheer up and engage in dialogue with those who are always with them in the region, instead of aiming their efforts at cooperating with Israel and the United States."


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