Tehran (IP) - Due to coronavirus pandemic in Iran, Milad Tower has become the host of the drive-in guests.

Iran Press/Iran News: Milad Tower, located in the northwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran, with a height of 435 meters, is the tallest tower in Iran, the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world.

The first drive-in circus kicked off with the presence of international artists from seven countries on Thursday 16 July by observing health protocol in Milad Tower and is underway on 21 August.

The drive-in circus has been planned with the coordination and receiving the license of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus to entertain and fill the citizens' leisure time in the long and coronavirus days of summer.  

In this event artists from Brazil, Ecuador, Tanzania, Russia, Colombia, Mexico, and Iran perform twice a night for citizens and enthusiasts.

Representatives of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus are present to monitor observing the health protocols.

Previously, the first "the drive-in cinema" was screened after the Islamic Revolution in Tehran with the help of the Ouj Media Arts Organization and the Nortaban Cinema Company.

The event began on May 1st till 23rd, and hosts 160 cars in each showtime, with every night two showtimes.

With coronavirus pandemic in Iran and closures of the cultural and artistic centers, cultural and art community of the country tried to create an appropriate situation to maintain pleasure and joy as well as social spirit.

Online concerts, the drive-in cinema, "One Minute Quarantine" Film Festival, were the first step of the culture and art community to achieve this goal.


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