An explosion rocked the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Burns Harbor, Indiana Thursday morning, sparking a fire and causing damage to equipment near a blast furnace, officials said.

Iran PressAmerica: No one was injured in the blast, which happened at the D blast furnace at the plant, according to the Burns Harbor Fire Department. 

Images released by CBS show firefighters extinguishing the flames next to the ruins caused by the blast.

A spokesman for the ArcelorMittal Steel Plant said the blast was caused by a problem in one of the furnaces and was shut down immediately after the blast.

ArcelorMittal spokesman William Steers said the fire was caused by a stove dome failure, and the furnace was taken safely offline at the complex, located about 20 miles (32 kilometers) southeast of Chicago.

The explosion occurred less than a year after a cyanide spill at the plant killed fish in the area and forced the closure of area beaches.

In January 2020, the state sent a letter to ArcelorMittal alleging the company had manipulated test results by redoing tests that showed violations and using new tests to replace those results.


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