Trump re-election victory is out of the question: Bolton

The former US National Security Adviser ruled out the possibility of Trump winning the 2020 US presidential election again.

Iran PressAmerica: John Bolton, who has made troubling revelations against Donald Trump in recent weeks, criticized the US president's approach and downplayed the possibility of him remaining in the White House.

He is neither a conservative Republican nor a Liberal Democrat. He only follows his personal philosophy, Bolton reiterated.

"I have decided not to vote for a Republican candidate in the election for the first time," said former US National Security Adviser who now has a very bad relationship with Trump.

According to Bolton, Trump still does not fully understand the importance of being president.

With just four months to go before the US presidential election, Trump is besieged by many problems. Dissatisfaction with his rule is prevalent even among his former Republican supporters.


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