Tehran (IP) - Baqiyatallah Hospital's president Hassan Abolqasemi on Thursday called Iran as the safest source of plasma in the world to treat.

 Iran Press/Iran news: Abolqasemi also added that While treating patients with COVID-19, establishing a plasma bank is required, and to treat patients, infected individuals' plasma is needed not the plasma provided by the healthy people who had never developed the disease.

"The world has shocked and challenged with COVID-19 and so far there is no definite method or medicine which has been found to be cured," said Abolqasemi.

"As long as Iran has been the second country after China facing Corona, it decided to apply Plasma therapy to treat Coronavirus diagnosed patients," highlighted Iran' stop health official

"Iran has grown significantly during 20 years in the plasma field, it also sends 400,000 litres' plasma to Europe annually to dispense medicine which is really expensive," he stressed.

He highlighted to the main features of plasma therapy and said it is safe and secure with zero risks for patients, it is easily accessible and more importantly it does not let patients be hospitalized at ICU "Intensive Care Unite" requiring no ventilator at all.

Iran scientific plasma therapy forerunner: "IBTO" head

Speaking as one of the other keynote speakers, head of Iran's Blood Transfusion Organization "IBTO" Peyman Eshqi, called Iran as the scientific forerunner of using plasma therapy. 

Eshqi stated the world has panicked facing COVID-19 outbreak so the blood donation has painstakingly fallen. 

He added plasma therapy has its own scientific limitations as well:

It is to say that no pregnant women or mothers' plasma is used to curing Coronavirus infected patients, or for those who suffer from diabetics, or the ones with high blood pressure and systemic diseases are included.


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