Tehran (IP) - Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation meeting on examining the COVID-19 treatment process through plasma therapy is being held in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Thursday.

Iran Press/Iran news: The event is going to be attended by the CEO of the Blood Transfusion Organization, Peyman Eshqi and Hassan Abolghasemi (Prof. of Baqiyatallah University of Medical in attendance.

Speaking at the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation meeting, Prof. of Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences said that Iran has been treated unfairly by the Western countries in terms of publication of Iran's latest updates and achievement on COVID-19 treatments

Iran's top health Official went on to say that despite Iran's scientifically valid documents and data on COVID-19 latest developments the West prefers Us data in this regard no matter how earlier these in information have been sent by the Islamic Republic of Iran  

Iran, stop scientific figure also urged people taking the preventive measure and observing health protocol amid COVID-19 outbreak all across the country saying" prevention (preventive measures) is the most important thing, should be done by people."

Further More head of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organisation "IBTO"  Peyman Eshqi, who was also another main keynote speaker of the event said that Iran is well experienced about Plasma Therapy in treating COVID-19 patients.


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