Muhammad Ibrahim Zakzaky (R), one of the children of the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (L)

Son of the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria described the unfavorable physical condition of his father in prison, who along with his wife, Zeenah, have been incarcerated by the Federal Government since 2015, saying that the Nigerian Government has massacred six children of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Iran Press/Africa: Muhammad Ibrahim Zakzaky, one of the children of the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, referred to the attack by the Nigerian Army on a gathering done annually to kick-start the celebrations of the birth of Prophet Muhammad in December 2015, saying: “It was an aggressive and clearly predetermined case of mass murder. The regime has cost me, six brothers. Even though the Nigerian Army did kill Ahmad, Hamid and Mahmood, at least we got to bury them, and we were promised a fair inquiry. That was before the Nigerian Army killed, looted, and burnt our places in December 2015. The army desecrated their graves.”

“It also cost the family a library of books and records, including a collection of manuscripts. Personally, the most priceless of these was a Quran written by my great grandfather. Their lives are priceless to me. The books are priceless to the world. The cost is incalculable,” he said in an online interview with The Punch, a Nigerian daily newspaper.

Elaborating on the physical condition of Sheikh Zakzaky, he said: “When the Nigerian Army attacked us in December 2015, my parents suffered multiple gunshot wounds. My father lost an eye, and the other eye was also severely injured, affecting his vision to the point that he currently needs glasses with lens thickness of +10 as well as a magnifying glass to read. He has also suffered two strokes during his time with the DSS.”

According to the doctors who carried out tests on him, his blood also shows traces of lead and cadmium poisoning. This is the result of shrapnel embedded in his head and left hand,” he added.

He went on to say that the result of the Sheikh’s tests showed that his other eye was developing glaucoma. The eye pressure has also been fluctuating erratically. Both conditions come with a high risk of irreversible damage that can lead to blindness. He is currently on medication designed to stabilize the situation, but his vision has not improved.

“We are victims of a massacre by the Nigerian Army. It is utterly absurd to insinuate such grandiose claims as the refusal to recognize constitutional government to those who have only ever used constitutional means to address the most unthinkable violations of human rights,” the Son of the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria said.

An arm of a ‘constitutional’ government committed a crime in violation of the constitution, he said, adding: “We took our pain and sorrow to the constitutionally sanctioned judiciary of Nigeria. That constitutionally sanctioned judiciary has time and again declared the actions of Buhari’s administration and his heavily armed forces as unconstitutional.”

“Buhari has refused to obey the judiciary at will. The rule of law, which is a key part of the social contract that is the basis of Nigeria, is openly being violated by an administration that controls the army, police, DSS and numerous other armed bodies that threaten, intimidate, kidnap and murder Nigerians at will,” Muhammad Ibrahim Zakzaky noted.

“Buhari, his inner circle, and all those involved in his administration are the ones who do not recognize a constitutional government. Those involved in the Zaria massacre and the massive cover-up of the crime committed by the army are the ones who show absolutely no respect for the Constitution of Nigeria. In spite of its many amendments, the regime of Buhari seems determined to tear the Constitution of Nigeria and replace it with a modified version of the kind of Nigeria we live in today,” he concluded.


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