A team of the Interior Ministry's intelligence service arrested nine remnant ISIS terrorists in various parts of Samarra in Salah al-Din province and five others in Kirkuk province.

Iran Press/Middle East: According to the Dicle News Agency, the arrested terrorists were handed over to the Iraqi judiciary.

Iraqi forces also killed an ISIS leader in the eastern province of Diyala on Sunday.

In another development, two ISIS terrorists were killed in the al-Hawijah area of ??Kirkuk province, northern Iraq on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Iraqi sources announced that al-Hashd al-Shaabi units and army forces launched a security operation on Sunday to track down ISIS terrorist cells in northeastern Baquba.

The operation began after ISIS attacked a police station late on Saturday, killing or injuring six people.

Diyala in eastern Iraq is one of the main centers of activity for ISIS cells in the country.