Tehran (IP)- Chief of the presidential staff Mahmoud Vaezi, said that the intensification of sanctions and economic and health terrorism against Iran would not lead to Trump's victory in the election.

Iran PressIran News: Mahmoud Vaezi wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday that the continuation of the policy of racial discrimination and "knee pressure" in the United States and the intensification of unilateral sanctions and economic and health terrorism against the great nation of Iran will not lead to Donald Trump's election victory, but the policy isolates him in the public opinion.

"The United States has no choice but to correct past wrong policies and make amends," Vaezi noted.

He said that the United States has waged a full-scale war against the Iranian people over the past two years, using the policy of 'maximum pressure' and imposing new economic sanctions on Iran. These unilateral sanctions have intensified even during the outbreak of the COVID-19. In the face of these pressures, Iran has pursued a policy of "maximum resistance."

"President Hassan Rouhani, in this regard, stated at the Cabinet meeting that the US should apologize to the Iranian people for its unilateral policies and actions, and compensate for the damage done to the Iranian people. The president called the recent remarks by the US officials about negotiating with Iran as 'election slogans' and said that the White House should apologize and respect the rules instead of talking," he added.


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