Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Petroleum said that the United States first tried to bribe and threaten the captains of Iranian oil tankers, but when it failed, it imposed sanctions on them, but these sanctions are also ineffective.

Iran PressIran News: Referring to the Ministry of Petroleum's plan to continue exporting gasoline to Venezuela, considering the sanctions against the captains of these tankers, Bijan Zangeneh said: "This was not unexpected; First, they promised them money which they did not accept; Then, they threatened and sanctioned them, which the captains knew it."

"We sold gasoline to Venezuela at the current price in the market, and part of the money is being transferred into the country," he said.

Noting that Iran is doing business with Venezuela, Zangeneh said that "In order to continue exporting, we need to see how the negotiations between the two countries are progressing."

The Minister added: "There has been a lot of debate among some people that we have given gasoline to Venezuela for free, but it is not true."

The US Treasury Department has added five captains of the Iranian oil tankers, which shipped 1.5 million barrels of oil to Venezuela last month, to its sanctions list for allegedly violating US government unilateral sanctions against Iran.

Iran has sent five ships carrying 1.5 million barrels of gasoline to Venezuela, and the tankers delivered their cargo to Venezuela in recent weeks.


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