US President Donald Trump was willing to back Israel if it acted to launch attacks against Iran’s nuclear program, John Bolton has claimed.

Iran PressAmerica: Recalling a meeting with Trump in 2017, a year before beginning his 17 month-long services as Trump’s national security advisor, Bolton claimed the president told him: “You tell Bibi [Netanyahu] that if he uses force, I will back him. I told him that, but you tell him again,” reported by Sputnik.

“On Iran, I urged that [Trump] press ahead to withdraw from the nuclear agreement and explained why the use of force against Iran’s nuclear program might be the only lasting solution,” Bolton further recalled.

Also on the subject of possible Israeli strikes on Iran, Bolton wrote about a meeting he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin in October 2018, in which the Russian leader ostensibly told him that Israel “could not conduct military action against Iran alone because it didn’t have the resources or capabilities, especially if the Arabs united behind Iran.” Bolton found this sentiment to be “preposterous.”

According to the hawkish former Bush-era official, Putin also informed him that the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal wasn’t productive. In turn, Bolton claimed Tehran was “not in compliance with the deal” and had been working with Syria on a nuclear weapons program for over a decade.

The former national security advisor’s new tell-all book, suggestively titled ‘The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir’, is expected to hit stores on Tuesday, with a judge ultimately refusing a Trump administration request to delay publication on national security grounds.


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