Iraq (IP)- Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi said some people were striving to assassinate him on Thursday while returning from a trip to the north of Iraq.

Iran Press/Middle East: Revealing no further details, Mustafa al-Kazemi told the media that during a recent trip to the north of the country, some sought to assassinate him, but failed due to the intelligence and security forces' vigilance.

The Iraqi prime minister traveled to Nineveh province last Wednesday to mark the anniversary of the occupation of Mosul by the ISIS terrorist group.

He said Iraqi intelligence and security agencies' have reported him that there was a plan to assassinate him.

Al-Kazemi also referred to Ayatollah Sistani's role and position, the Iraqi supreme religious authority, and described him as a great spiritual asset and a blessing for Iraq.

Regarding the strategic talks between Iraq and the US, the Prime Minister said that his government would not be short on the issue of independence and preservation of Iraq's national sovereignty.

The first Baghdad-Washington strategic talks round were held on Thursday evening (local time in Baghdad) via video conference.


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