Iranian shipment to Venezuela was an exercise in authority

Tehran (IP) - Emphasizing that the greatest exercise of our authority was the imposition of our will and the movement of our ships in the high seas from the Persian Gulf to Venezuela, the commander-in-chief of the IRGC said Today Iran stands at the height of its authority and dignity.

Iran Press/Iran News: Major General Hossein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, (IRGC) in a ceremony honoring and introducing the Commander of Imam Hussein (AS) military academy, described the university from the perspective of Iran's leader as the birthplace of a true revolutionary guardian, saying: This is the entry point of our youths into an environment that is connected to heaven.

He added: "The Revolutionary Guards are being trained as true guardians of Islamic Revolution with its principle, and the best and most experienced commanders are always being selected, and they are the chosen ones, the role models, the beloved, the charming, and the rulers of hearts."

Major General Salami further pointed out the moral characteristics of Brigadier Fazli and said:  "He is endowed with great qualities like innocence, trust, the self-sacrifice and proud and lasting characteristics of a holy defense veteran."

Major General Salami went on to say: "We are preparing to defend a living revolution that is cracking the backs of its enemies."

By the grace of God, today we are witnessing the rapid decline of our great enemies, especially the United States. If the scope of his crimes in the world was obvious and hidden in the United States, now the face of their crimes is also felt in the United States, in a way that the American people have been forced to burn their own flag.

Salami added: "The world is changing rapidly these days, and all the symbols that the United States itself introduced and presented to the world with an unrealistic image are falling. The United States is tearing apart the image it has created of itself and is grasping the unrealistic image it has created for itself.

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He continued: "The United States introduced itself with beautiful concepts, but those painful realities of American society are being revealed under the meanings of these hidden concepts." They saw themselves as the cradle of freedom, authority, and human rights, but all these symbols collapsed and all these meanings faded.

The commander-in-chief of the IRGC added: "Today, the face of America is like a filthy image that has been shattered.

America has collapsed; because the central power of his strategy is no longer capable. When wisdom is not connected to power, the power acts in reverse. This will only increase the hatred and the number of crowds in the streets.

Major General Salami said: "By God's will and the plan of our leader, we have passed the conditions of sanctions, but the enemies entangled and drowned."

The United States is incapable of curbing coronavirus in the worst economic conditions, but Iran has shone with the measures and guidance of the  Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the sympathy and support of the people and officials in the fight against Coronavirus.

He added: "The exercise of pious help did not allow a sick patient to be left alone in our country, and Islam showed that the true prescription of human happiness is through the worship of God." Meanwhile, the two ruling parties in the United States want to influence the world.

The commander-in-chief of the IRGC noted: We practiced authority, and the greatest exercise of our authority was to impose our will and move our ships in the high seas from the Persian Gulf to Venezuela. Today, the Iranian nation is going through problems at the height of its authority and dignity. Through the will and faith of this nation problems can be solved, and we, as the Revolutionary Guards, are ready to solve the problems along with the Voluntary Forces (Basij). 

The commander-in-chief of the IRGC emphasized that the trained guards at this university should be able to pursue the enemies in the distance.


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