Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US and UK's recent failed anti-Tehran resolution is nothing but an attempt to cover up their crimes in Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen.

Zarif referred to the failed attempts of western states to get an anti-Iran resolution approved at Security Council, saying whatever happened in the UN Monday night was a nasty show in support of the country invading Yemen.

“Unfortunately, we witness the massacre of thousands of innocent people in Yemen as a result of Saudi-led attacks on the country,” he tweeted late on Tuesday.

A human catastrophe is happening in Yemen, as statistics show over one million Yemeni people are suffering from cholera, Zarif said, noting that such events have in fact been created by the US.

The Iranian foreign minister made the comment a day after Russia vetoed a resolution at the Security Council, presented by Britain and strongly backed by the United States, which called for "additional measures" against Iran over accusations that it violated the 2015 arms embargo on the war-torn Arabian Peninsula state.