Anti-racism demonstrations in Rotterdam, Netherlands

People in Rotterdam, Netherlands held an anti-racism demonstration to show their support for the American people who are protesting the killing of an African-American by US police.

Iran PressEurope: During the demonstration, which legally only 80 people could take part in, more than 5,000 people actually attended, and the Rotterdam municipality found it difficult to control the crowds.

Thousands of demonstrators had been told by police using megaphones to go home because the rally in the Dutch port of Rotterdam over the death of George Floyd in the United States had become too massive.

"In some places, there was unrest caused by groups of people who didn't leave," the police said on Twitter.

The gathering in Rotterdam is the latest of several large protests in the Netherlands in response to the death last week of George Floyd, a black man whose death in police custody inspired the biggest wave of unrest in the United States since the 1960s.   207

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