The head of public relations at Tehran Oil Refining Company said that one person died and another was injured in a fire incident at the refinery this afternoon.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hamidreza Jafari, Public Relations Manager of Tehran Oil Refining Company, said: "This afternoon,  In one of the units of Tehran refinery, due to the leak of gasoline and its ignition, unfortunately, one of the operating colleagues who was next to the equipment suffered a burn and died.

He added: "In this incident, our colleague is being treated on an outpatient basis and his condition is fine."

Jafari stated that the incident took place at around 12:50 p.m.

The fire at the Tehran refinery unit was quickly contained and did not disrupt production, and the refinery staff is currently examining the unit's safety conditions so that it can be put into production immediately after complete assurance.


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