The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Venezuela said that the berthing of Iranian oil tankers in Venezuelan waters is a strong response to US unilateral policies.

Iran Press/America: "Venezuela and Iran have said no to Washington on behalf of the world and emphasized their rights to free trade," Hojjatullah Soltani, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Venezuela told the Lebanese Al-Mayadin network on Wednesday.

"The United States can no longer tell the world what to do, and many countries will now demand their rights," Soltani said.

Referring to the presence of Iranian ships in Venezuela, he said: "The presence of Iranian tankers in Venezuela is not only an achievement for Iran and Venezuela but also an achievement for all the world."

Soltani announced that Iran is fully prepared to help Venezuela in any field it is needed.

Despite US officials threatening to block Iranian oil tankers from entering Venezuela, two Iranian tankers have docked in Venezuelan ports in recent days and are delivering their fuel.

Five ships, Fortune, Forest, Faxon, Petunia and the Clavel, carried fuel from Iran to Venezuela.


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