People of Africa consider Palestine a religious, moral, human issue: Nigerian figure

The Deputy Leader of the Nigerian Islamic Movement (IMN) said that for the people of Africa, the issue of Palestine is not only a religious issue, but also a moral and human issue.

Iran PressAfrica: In the virtual conference of Holy Quds International Congress on Monday, Abdul-Qadir Sanusi considered freedom, independence, and security as the Palestinian nation’s rights.

Sanusi said: "Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki has always paid special attention to the issue of Palestine, such that the issue of Palestine has turned to a special issue for the people of Africa."

He remarked that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki, as the herald of the liberation of al-Quds in Africa, has sacrificed 30 of his companions as well as three members of his family.

Abdul-Qadir Sanusi condemned the Israeli regime’s crimes against the region’s nations and said: "Israel has committed countless crimes during its sinister lifetime, with its hands stained with the blood of tens of thousands of the oppressed Palestinians."

The Nigerian thinker emphasized on the unity and resistance of the Muslim Ummah against the oppressors based on Islamic teachings and expressed hope that Palestine, as part of the Muslim world, once again return to the Palestinian people.

Holy Quds International Congress kicked off on Monday in Qom city, south to Tehran, and will last two days.


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