Tehran (IP) - The regulations of "Lieutenant. General Soleimani World Award" approved by the 827th session of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution were imparted for implementation by President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran Press/Iran News: This award has been formulated and approved in order to promote and preserve high human and Islamic values ??in the fields of struggle, self-sacrifice, and resistance against the global arrogance front and to honor and protect the strives and sacrifices of General Qasem Soleimani.

The Gen. Soleimani World Award will be awarded at two levels and in proportion to the geographical scope and effectiveness of self-sacrifice, with the titles of "Gen. Soleimani Supreme Award" and "Gen. Soleimani Award" biannually.

Also, the award is granted in the main field of "struggle and resistance" and 6 sub-fields of "people and society", "culture and art", "politics", "education and research", "media" and "sports" to qualified candidates according to the decision of specialized committees.


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