Venezuela’s security forces have continued their roundup of alleged participants in last week’s failed attempt to kidnap Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, with the arrest of three Venezuelan men just west of the capital.

Iran Press/America: The trio was reportedly seized in Carayaca, 35 miles from Caracas in the early hours of Monday, taking the number of detentions to more than 40. The official Twitter account of Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Guard stated the men were “terrorists who entered the country intending to provoke violence”, reported by the Guardian.

On Sunday the army chief, Remigio Ceballos, announced the capture of another eight “enemies of the fatherland” who were pictured kneeling down before a cluster of rifle-toting troops.

Eight people were reportedly killed when a group of about 60 mercenaries, including two United States citizens, launched their botched sea raid on 2 May.

The failed raid has proved a propaganda boon for Maduro, who has long said he was the subject of an imperialist, US-sponsored assassination plot.


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