Tehran (IP)-- Ali Akbar Velayati, advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for International Affairs said, "Noor" satellite is another sign of the authority and determination of Iran to maintain the independence and development of the country in the Second Phase of Revolution.

Iran Press/Iran news: Advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for international affairs Aliakbar Velayati called the launch of "Noor" satellite another honor of Iran in achieving scientific and military capabilities and taking a step in the direction of growth, development, and self-reliance in various fields.

Velayati added, "At this critical juncture in the face of the outbreak of the coronavirus and unilateral and the US cruel sanctions against the Iranian people, this success is another sign of Iran's authority and determination to maintain independence and development in the Second Phase of Revolution."

The first military satellite, dubbed Noor 1 (Light 1), was launched upon Qased (Messenger) satellite carrier in the early hours of Wednesday from a location in the central desert of Iran, Sepah News reported.

The satellite was placed into orbit 425 kilometers (265 miles) above the Earth’s surface.

The satellite launch was carried out on the anniversary of the 41st anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).


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