China on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit filed against it by the U.S. state of Missouri over the COVID-19 pandemic as “very absurd.”

Iran Press/Asia: China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the legal action has “no factual and legal basis at all” and repeated China’s defense of its response to the outbreak, which has largely subsided in the country where it was first detected, according to Time Magazine

“This so-called lawsuit is very absurd and has no factual and legal basis at all,” Geng said at a daily briefing. Since the outbreak began, China has proceeded in an “open, transparent, and responsible manner” and the U.S. government should “dismiss such vexatious litigation,” he said.

Missouri’s top state prosecutor on Tuesday announced the lawsuit, which alleges that Chinese officials are to blame for the pandemic that has sickened around 2.5 million worldwide, thrown tens of millions out of work, and devastated local economies, including in China.

According to the latest figures, almost 830,000 people in the US have tested positive for coronavirus, and the total death tally in the country has passed 83,000.


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