Tehran (IP) - An Iranian knowledge-based company has replaced the Canadian supplier in the country's telecommunications industry by producing a 'channel simulator'.

Iran PressIran News: A device called a channel simulator is a piece that the country's telecommunications industry generally supplied by purchasing from a Canadian company. With the purchase of the company by an American company and the imposition of sanctions and a ban on sales, an Iranian knowledge-based company was given the opportunity to indigenize it.

Soroush Akhlaqi Esfahani, CEO of Amvaj System Company, said that this part is used in the country's telecommunication system to test the performance of the modem. This piece was not previously produced in the country, and domestic demand was often met by purchasing from a Canadian company. The Canadian company was bought by an American company and they were no longer willing to sell the device to Iran along with other products.

The technology activist stated that by raising the issue in the R&D unit and with the help of the country's scientific and academic resources, the construction of this device was put on the agenda. Fortunately, after construction, domestic users expressed their satisfaction with the product, which is a source of pride for young manufacturers and scientists.


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