Vatican calls on US to lift sanctions on Iran

Vatican's Secretary of State expressed sympathy with the Iranian people over coronavirus losses, saying that he had discussed with the United States the lifting of sanctions against Iran.

Iran Press/Europe: Cardinal Pietro Parolin has talked to the US officials following a letter by the head of Iran’s Islamic Seminaries Alireza Arafi to the leader of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis.

In his last week’s letter, the head of Iran’s Islamic Seminaries expressed Iran’s sympathy over the COVID-19 victims from “all religions and nations” and called for the “cooperation of all religious centers” to counter the pandemic.

Cardinal Parolin responded to Arafi’s message, saying that “upon being informed of the details of the letter”, the Pope asked the cardinal to express “his spiritual sympathy with the Iranian people” and all victims of the disease on his behalf.

He also responded to Arafi’s call on the Pope to act against the US sanctions targeting the Iranian people amid the pandemic.

Following Iran’s request, Parolin contacted the United States' Ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, and informed them of the concerns of Iranian officials, urging attention to the matter, the letter added.

Several international leaders, figures and groups have condemned the US’ sanctions for hampering Iran’s coronavirus fight.

The US unilateral and cruel sanctions have had effects on Iran’s handling of the coronavirus situation, depriving the Iranian people of their natural rights to utilize health care facilities and blocking relief services provided to Iranian patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to the latest statistics, nearly 1.8 million people in the world have been infected with the virus, and the total number of deaths has neared 110,000.


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