Tehran (IP) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday urged the Iranian nation to observe hygienic principles so that the coronavirus should be eradicated in a gradual process.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in a meeting with heads of Social, Security, Educational, Administrative, Health, Higher education, Guilds and Economic committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus on Saturday,  Rouhani said: "Fortunately, based on their studies in Iran and by exchanging their experiences and research with other countries, our specialists and physicians have been able to come close to the behavioral methods of the virus and the ways to deal with its spread, which is very significant."

Rouhani said: "We should know that after overcoming the maximum restrictions on fighting the virus, the observance of health protocols should be considered. Accordingly, education and information are of special importance so that people can follow the protocols related to business and learn and be aware of those jobs that meet their needs."

"The system set up by Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education to register businesses is a very effective and useful measure that can both bring us closer to a confidence interval in health and virus management so that those businesses will be on the run in turn," he said.

"What is important in the new stage of Smart Social Distancing is that the project is carried out by studying the Iranian lifestyle and with a local model and at the same time in accordance with the principles approved by the World Health Organization," Rouhani stated.

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The President noted, "The smart social distance project, which has been carried out with the intensive work and efforts of the National Headquarters for Combating Coronavirus and the chairmen of its committees, is a control model that we are implementing step by step according to the Ministry of Health."

Iran’s President further explained what has been reached in this meeting is that all the chairmen of the committees should have accurate evaluations of the implementation of the smart social distancing plan and examine its obstacles and problems in all the provinces that are being implemented and solve them as soon as possible."

The President noted that the Ministry of Health and the Vice President for Science and Technology have been given a very important mission by strengthening and supporting knowledge-based companies and study centers of medical universities in providing medicine, diagnosis and testing, as well as making vaccine out of the virus.

“According to the scientific ability of our country's specialists, access to medicine and vaccines will not be out of reach,” Rouhani stressed.

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Rouhani also ordered the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Vice President for Science and Technology to expedite the implementation of the plan using the new test kits to identify people with immunity.

The President added, "Just as the people in the first and second stages of social distancing and the implementation of restrictions with their excellent cooperation with the authorities were able to help control the virus, in the stage of intelligent social distancing, officials expect their support in implementing protocols of hygiene and monitoring of its implementation by businesses and guilds."

Furthermore, Rouhani emphasized that "people, should know that the implementation of smart social distancing is only for low-risk businesses and in no way should it be considered that this virus and its epidemic have been completely eliminated and all health protocols must be taken seriously."

"According to this, there are still restrictions on communities and high-risk centers, and people should not leave their homes for unnecessary work, and the authorities still expect people to be careful in observing the protocols and stay at home when they do not need to work," Rouhani concluded.


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