Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that discrimination in the IMF to pay the loans is not acceptable and the body should fulfill its responsibilities in the face of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking today at a cabinet meeting, President Hassan Rouhani referring to the request for a loan from the International Monetary Fund said, "We are a member of the International Monetary Fund and the request we made for the loan but we see that there is a discrimination in the body to pay the loans which is not acceptable".

He said, "Many countries and thinkers have announced that the International Monetary Fund should fulfill its duty towards the Iranian nation."

"In the last half-century, we have not asked the facility fund, while we are also a member of the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund. If they do not fulfill their duties, the world will judge differently," Rouhani noted.

"Although Corona had difficulties and hardships for us, from the other side it has also allowed us to meet the medical needs and achieve self-sufficiency in this field. Today, we have almost reached self-sufficiency in the production of laboratory kits,” President Rouhani added.

Today, it was announced that the kit new ones have been developed that show a person infected with coronavirus and show whether antibodies have produced in the person's body or not. For artificial respiration, ventilators are produced in Iran that meets the needs of our healthcare sector. CT scans are being produced. There has been good progress in medical production."

Referring to US policies toward Iran, the president said, "The United States in recent days has continued its wrong path. It will be said that the White House has been a terrorist in economic matters, but now it is a terrorist in health issues, and this will remain a history as a disgrace to the US administration."

"The United States has also violated the 2005 World Health Organization's approval with its policy during the Corona era, which states that everyone must help each other," Rouhani said.

He added, "Despite the terrorist acts of the United States, we hope to continue our very good relations with friendly countries."

"In our religion, there is no place for despair and we must always hope that there will be a way out after every impasse and complexity," Rouhani said.

Rouhani added, "At this time, we need this belief more than ever. The stronger the belief, the greater the peace of mind and real worldview for humans."

"The future of the world will be the future of peace and justice and the end of all problems, and this belief can take us away from sorrow and depression. In our view, justice will pervade the world," the president highlighted.


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