Over 250K signed anti-sanction global campaign amid coronavirus pandemic 

Tehran (IP) - The Secretariat of Iranian Megacities reported a global campaign against sanction and coronavirus, the number its signatories passed 250,000.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Secretariat of Iranian Megacities announced in a statement on Sunday that the outbreak of Coronavirus showed that it is a global threat impacting human societies no matter their geography, race, language, and nationality.

The fast outbreak and the power of inclusiveness of the virus have caused an inevitable negative effect on many economic, social and basic services needed by citizens, so it is essential that all countries in a global consensus against this catastrophic disease, regardless of political disagreements and geographical differences, the statement said.

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Over 250K signed anti-sanction global campaign amid coronavirus pandemic 

The statement warned over the lethal power of Coronavirus and stressed that the virus gets more lethal if the access to healthcare and treatment facilities is discriminated, adding that discrimination in health is the support of genocide and a true example of a war crime.

Coronavirus is a global threat and combating this global threat calls for world cooperation; the US government's extrajudicial sanctions against the Iranian nations hinder international convergence to combat this global disaster.

Yesterday, EU foreign ministers called for the activation of humanitarian exemptions in order to suspend unilateral sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba to empower them against the Coronavirus.

On, March 31, in a statement, over 300 Iranian young NGOs on behalf of the country's youth called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres lift sanctions on Iran in the critical situation of Coronavirus outbreak.

Also in March, tens of thousands of people in Britain have signed a petition calling for the immediate suspension of sanctions that have prevented Iran from controlling coronavirus.

The signatories to the petition, published on the website of the British Parliament, have emphasized that the lifting of sanctions against Iran will be considered a humane act.

Meanwhile, a diverse group of US academics, researchers and NGO leaders have signed an open letter addressed to the leaders of the P4+1 countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Russia) and the US lawmakers, calling on them to lift sanctions on Iran impeding Iranian campaign against coronavirus.

Earlier before, several distinguished academics including Noam Chomsky, Hamid Dabashi, Robert Crews, and John Packer have signed a letter addressed to the leaders of the P4+1 countries and US lawmakers to "End Iran Sanctions".


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Over 250K signed anti-sanction global campaign amid coronavirus pandemic 
Over 250K signed anti-sanction global campaign amid coronavirus pandemic