Moscow (IP) - Moscow slammed some global players' unwillingness to lift sanctions amid the coronavirus pandemic as outrageous, saying: "We regret that even in the face of a global health threat, they found it impossible to abandon politicized approaches."

Iran PressEurope: Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that there was a need for global solidarity against the spread of coronavirus and called on the UN Secretary-General to step up efforts to end sanctions and discrimination in the world.

Russia referred to the irreplaceable role of the United Nations in this regard, adding that: "We welcome the resolution of the UN General Assembly and will continue to support its adoption. It should be noted, however, that the document did not address some of the key issues raised by the UN Secretary-General and other senior UN officials."

"In this regard, Russia has submitted a draft statement in the name of solidarity in the fight against coronavirus, which emphasizes the commitment of all countries in the world to the principles of the United Nations on the cooperation of governments."

The statement also emphasized the role of the World Health Organization in coordinating the fight against coronavirus and the principle of cooperation in determining the strategy for combating the spread of the disease, especially in developing countries.

"We believe that the UN Secretary-General must call for stopping discriminatory sanctions in these extraordinary circumstances," it added.

"Russia follows the principle of solidarity in the bilateral format and, through the World Health Organization, assists countries in need of assistance in the fight against coronavirus", the Russian Foreign Ministry said in the statement.


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