Coronavirus death toll rises: Italy 12,428; Spain 8,464; UK 1,789

In the UK, there have been 25,150 confirmed cases as of 30 March and at least 1,789 people have died, meanwhile in Italy death toll reached 12,428 and in Spain to 8,464.

Iran PressEurope: There are now more than 823,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in 179 countries. At least 40,000 people have died from the disease.

In Italy, there are cautious hopes that the country may have started to turn a corner, with data in recent days suggesting that the infection rate is slowing.

On Monday there were 1,648 new cases, compared to 3,815 the day before, however, cases rose again by 2,107 on Tuesday.

Another 837 deaths were reported over a 24 hour period on Tuesday, compared with 812 on Monday.

The majority of deaths have occurred in the northern Lombardy region, which contains the city of Milan. Hospitals there are reportedly at breaking point and retired doctors and nurses have been asked to return to work.

Italy has been locked down since 12 March, with nearly all shops, bars, hairdressers, restaurants and cafes closed. The lockdown will now run until 12 April.

In Spain, the infected cases surpassed China at 95,923 and the death toll reached to 8,464.

In Germany, where there have been some 67,000 cases and more than 600 deaths.


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