A Spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry in response to the US drug sanctions against the Iranian nation said that these sanctions have limited Iran's ability to combat the coronavirus.

Iran Press/Asia: At a daily news conference in Beijing on Monday, Geng Shuang described the US sanctions against the Iranian nation as unilateral and inhumane sanctions, saying that the Iranian government and people are fighting against the spread of the coronavirus.

"These sanctions seriously slow down the fight against the epidemic and negatively affect the sending of aid by the United Nations and other international organizations to Iran," he added.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman said Beijing urges Washington and others to lift sanctions on Iran as soon as possible and not to interfere in Iran's efforts to contain and control the disease and to avoid further damage to the Iranian economy and people's basic livelihoods.

Geng said that China has a serious focus on the spread of coronavirus in Iran and is closely associated with Tehran in this regard.

"China has also deployed a team of Chinese experts to help Iran, and we will continue to provide our best assistance based on Iran's needs," the official concluded.

The US continues to exert pressure on the Iranian people amid the coronavirus outbreak and deprive Iran of ways of paying the cost of this medicine and limit the use of available financial resources.


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