A group of Lebanese in northern Lebanon have blocked part of the entrance to Tripoli in northern Lebanon in protest of economic corruption.

Iran Press/Middle East: Protesters attempted to block a section of the highway at the al-Basha area at the southern entrance to Tripoli, according to the Lebanese National News Agency on Friday 6 March.

The protest, which took place in front of troops stationed in the area, slowed the traffic and commute of cars.

Popular movement activists in the area insisted that the protests and movements will continue until the country is free from corruption, accountability for corruption and recovery of looted money.

Lebanese protesters block part of the Tripoli road

The IMF has offered the Lebanese government economic reform proposals that are a prerequisite for its assistance.

Increasing taxes, reducing the number of employees, transferring part of government property to the private sector, and reducing Social Security insurance obligations are part of these conditions.

All of this, according to economic experts, could lead to a new wave of protests by the nation, which is still embroiled in debt and corruption inherited from previous governments.


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Lebanese protesters block part of the Tripoli road
Lebanese protesters block part of the Tripoli road