The 40th-day mourning ceremony of the late Iranian Commander Lieutenant General Soleimani and his martyred companions and the celebration of the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution was held in Iranian mosque in Bombay with so many Iranians, Islamic Scholars and clerics in attendance.

 Iran PressAsia: During the mourning ceremony, Iran's Consul General in Bombay Mohammad Alikhani referring to the effects of the Islamic revolution's outcomes and the influence it has among the Muslim individuals as well as those who are seeking freedom all around the world, while talking about the specific attributes of Martyred Lt. Gen Qasem Soleimani, stressed that the valuable outcomes of the efforts of the Resistance Front in fighting US organized terrorism supported by Its regional allies together with the longtime animosity of the Zionist Regime is all and all due to the hard efforts of the soldiers of the resistance movement, above all Martyr Soleimany.

"Such victories are the result of the Islamic combatants' s adherence to infallible Imam's practical approach which was realized under the light of late Imam Khomeini (RH) and leadership of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei," Added Iran's Top diplomat.

Finally, Consul General appreciated the presence of Indian Muslims and freedom seekers in the commemoration ceremony held for Martyr Soleimani and called these measures as practical support of Iran's political positions as well as the freedom-seeking nation of Iran.

Celebration of the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution was held in different countries.

The Islamic Revolution of Iran gained victory on February 11, 1979. 


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