Tehran (IP) - Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki on Wednesday told reporters that no cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in the country.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sideline of the cabinet session on Wednesday, Iranian health minister, Saeed Namaki answered a question from an Iran Press journalist.

Referring to the Coronavirus, Saeed Namaki said: "Coronavirus is definitely a serious threat both to us and to the world. Luckily we have not identified any cases of coronavirus in the Islamic Republic."

He further referred to a Chinese woman who was suspected of being a Coronavirus carrier, adding, "The Chinese woman in Zanjan who was thought to carry the Coronavirus, has been tested and monitored. Her test results were negative. We don't have any case of Coronavirus infection in Iran. Those Iranians, mostly students, who returned home from Wuhan, China, are in quarantine and all of them are in good health."

He noted, "The WHO Representative in Iran Christoph Hamelmann visited their quarantine sites and approved their type of care, and we will invite media and journalists after their quarantine ends. We monitor everything. Our direct flights to China have now been halted and we have previously stated that if any Iranians want to enter the country, they should first give us their name so that we can investigate their case."

"If any case of Coronavirus is reported in the country, we will immediately inform the public. We are monitoring Iran's air, sea, and land borders," Namaki added.

The death toll from the virus has risen above 1,016 in mainland China, the Chinese National Health Commission confirmed on Tuesday.


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