Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Foreign Minister said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is prosecuting three US terrorist acts in international law bodies.

Iran Press/Iran news"Iran will prosecute US President Donald Trump in international judicial bodies on charges of state terrorism, economic terrorism, and cultural terrorism," Mohammad Javad Zarif said in an interview with Lebanese television channel Al-Mayadin.

Besides indicating the ugly face of an alleged advocate of human rights, the US treatments of Iran have maximized its animosity against the Iranian nation.

The Trump administration's hostility to the Iranian nation has led to violations of international law and the UN Charter, which shows that the Trump has put terrorist acts on the agenda against a nation that refuses to surrender and wants to remain independent.

Showing respect for human rights, free access to the basics right to life, and independence in decision-making are the principles of international law and all countries must respect them.

It is while, taking office in the White House, Trump enhanced sanctions against the Iranian nation even did not spare sanctions of medicines and food.

Preventing the entry of medicines and food into Iran, which is directly linked to people's livelihood, is a sheer violation of international law and UN resolutions by the US.

The Trump administration's actions against the Iranian nation were not limited to economic terrorism alone, and the anger of the current US government came to allow itself to assassinate the national hero of Iran and the true commander of war on American terror in a third country.

The US assassination of the Commander of Resistance Front Lt. Gen. Soleimani in Iraq's soil is considered as an act of aggression and a violation of the principle of non-use of force, the right to life and the rights of persons protected by international law.

The American Theoretician Noam Chomsky addressed the legal aspect of the US' assassination of General Soleimani and called the US' act, a terrorist act and violation of international law.

In such a situation, the legal prosecution of the US president in international courts is a legal right of the Islamic Republic of Iran and such international bodies are expected to decisively confront the US state terrorism. The shortcoming of international law communities against US state terrorism is a risky costume to the world that endangers world peace and security.

So, in addition to the necessity of Trump's prosecution in international communities, the tough consequence of the US military crime of assassinating General Soleimani is the US' withdrawal from the West Asian region, which has become a serious public demand in the region.

By Ali Karami

Translated by: Seyyed Mohammad Kazemi


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