Tehran (IP) - The first conference on the Model of Realization of 'Mosque-Oriented Islamic District' closed in IRGC Seyyeda Shohada Headquarters in Tehran with the attendance of the commander of the headquarters Brigadier General Hassan Hassanzadeh on Monday.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier General Hassanzadeh said the Islamic Revolution founded its establishment in the shortest period and as the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Islamic governance and Islamic civilization are the steps taken by the Islamic revolution.

The formation of Islamic society and the duration it needs is very important, he said and noted that the role of the Iranian people has not finished with the victory of the revolution as Imam Khomeini said, Iran Press reported.

"If there were no support by the people, the revolution wouldn't have come into existence, people presence has led to the persistence of Islamic society," he stated and noted that the best way is to consider the districts, many of which do not have an identity, being exposed to some vulnerabilities.

General Hssanzadeh stressed that districts are so important as they collect people and form the Islamic city, society, and government, stressing that mosques could be the promising point and a foundation in case time spent on them.

He stressed the role of mosques as foundations against the cultural invasion, highlighting the Islamic lifestyle.

The commander said public groups are the middle rings for the persistence of the Islamic revolution, noting that dynamic groups participate in solving the district's problems can play a special role in observing the Islamic revolution.

He referred to the potentials and needs Islamic districts can detect and added that the Islamic model detects the needs and can cover the problems only by the local potentials.

110 papers and 22 short films are received at the conference.


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