Head of the Iranian Space Research Center, Hossein Samimi

Tehran (IP) - Head of the Iranian Space Research Center (SRC) has stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has acquired the expertise and knowledge for construction of space engines, effectively breaking a monopoly by the United States and a few other countries.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hossein Samimi explained that the design and construction of a complex space engine, called 'Arash' was done by Iranian engineers and experts from start to finish, adding, "The Arash Space Engine is part of the satellite's orbital transmission system and allows the satellite to be positioned into orbits above Earth," Iran Press reported.

"In the near future, the 'Arash' engine will be deployed for orbital transmission of 'Nahid-2' satellite," Samimi added. 

The head of the Iranian Space Research Center went on to say that home-made space engines would be gradually improved to be incorporated into the satellite development roadmap.

The satellite's orbital transmission system increases the orbital range of the satellite and directs it to a height of 400 kilometers above the earth's surface. From there, it will be possible to navigate the satellite up to an orbit of 7,000 kilometers from the earth using space engines.


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