Australian authorities have received heavy criticism across the globe after they killed more than 5,000 camels.

Iran Press/Asia: More than 5,000 camels were killed by Australian authorities to what they called “urgent response to threats” posed by the rise in the number of feral camels due to drought.

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY), a local government area for Aboriginal Australians, said in a statement on Tuesday that over 5,000 camels were removed in aerial control operation, Anadolu Agency reported.

“The population of non-native camels had exploded in recent years and were causing significant damage to infrastructure and native vegetation, danger to families and communities,” APY General Manager Richard King claimed, justifying the move which received heavy criticism across the globe.

APY is a large, sparsely populated area located in the remote northwest of South Australia.

Australia is facing heavy bushfires that have ravaged parts of the country, killing nearly 26 and damaging properties worth billions. Vast swathes of land and grass have been badly affected while wildlife estimates claim nearly a million animals have died in the disturbing fires.

Large parts of Australia are witnessing drought for periods ranging from a year to seven years. Farmers in New South Wales and Queensland termed the ongoing drought as the worst in "living memory", with costs of stock feed and transport spiraling.


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