Ardabil (IP) - An official in the Ardabil governorate has confirmed the crash of a plane in the province's sky without elaborating on the incident.

Iran Press/Iran News: An official in the Ardabil governorate has confirmed a plane crash in the province, saying details of the incident were under investigation.

The plane's wreckage has been found and the pilot has been killed in the crash, Iran Press reported.

"Further details of the incident will be reported after investigating the matter," the official added on Wednesday.

The Red Crescent and Ardabil emergency helicopters are currently patrolling the area.

Head of Ardabil's Accidents and Medical Emergencies Department Majid Mohammad-Gharibani said the black box of the plane has yet to be examined.

The plane, which is said to be a Mikoyan MiG-29, has crashed on the summit of mount Sabalan, an inactive stratovolcano in the Lesser Caucasus mountain range, and Ardabil Province of northwestern Iran.