Tehran (IP)- Iran's vice president for science and technology said experimental equipment production is a field that Iran has achieved self-sufficient level in it, and has been able to export this type of production.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Today we are capable of producing high percentage of needed experimental equipment inside the country, and also the export in this field is available. We can have these equipment with lower price too," The vice president for science and technology Sorena Sattari said.

"The point is that we should apply this technology in people's day to day life," he added.

"One of important issues is that we can not overcome weather pollution without people's support. All the ecosystem should assist to overcome this problem," Vice president said.

"About issues including water and weather we hope that the same achievements will occur," he note.

Iran-Saakht is the 7th exhibition to present experimental equipment and related technologies which has started in December 17 and will end in December 20. 


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