The chairman of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations of Iran (SCFRI) criticized the West's acts of interference in the affairs of independent states.

Iran Press/Iran News: The chairman of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations of Iran, Kamal Kharazi made the remarks in a meeting with Yan Xuetong, a professor at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University by saying: "The people of Asian countries must formulate today's political philosophy based on their civilization and cultural values."

The chairman of SCFRI of Iran also highlighted the important role of the two countries in human civilization, adding: "Scientific and civil exchange will be very useful for sharing the experiences of the two nations." 

Kharrazi referred to the establishment of a 25-year comprehensive strategic partnership between Iran and China, saying it would allow the two countries to enhance cooperation in various fields.

"Iran welcomes the exchange of students and the development of scientific cooperation with China," he added.

Yan Xuetong, on his part, underlined the expansion of cooperation between Tehran and Beijing, describing Iran's decision to waive the visa requirement for Chinese nationals as crucial to the expansion of the tourism industry. 104/219

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