Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has described Iran's scientific advancement as a source of Iranian self-confidence and as a thorn in the eyes of the enemies.

Iran Press/Iran news: Upon his arrival with Professor Sloimenai in Tehran, the  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif went on to highlight that The Iranian Professor has been arrested out of the baseless and unrealistic accusations in the US jails during the last 14 months.

Referring to Professor Soleimani's patriotism, and his rejection of an American offer to live in the United States, Zarif called top-ranking scientists' scientific capabilities as the main reason behind US Judge's anger against him.

Zarif expressed his happiness over the release of Iran's stop scientific figure, adding that as a matter of fact, the Americans have taken the person as the hostage who has inked 500 science articles out of no reason.

" We are proud of this great man who has not accepted to stay in the United States and wanted to return to his homeland and even preferred to stay in jail.

Zarif also went on to thank Iran's s Supreme National Security Council, the Judiciary, as well as the security forces for their efforts, saying it has been a "very good day" for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran's top diplomat also stressed that in spite of US threats that they would make him forget all about the university and the research, he showed that a real Iranian patriot never forgets his country, nor the university nor the research and instead he tried to contribute to the country' s growth by science and technology.

Zarif also said that the United States in the last 40 years has always been trying to stop Iran from further progress and US maximum pressure has aimed at this.

"During the last 5 hours that I have been sitting by Professor Soleimani, I found out that the scientific achievements have been the real cause of the US jail officers and the judges' anger toward the Iranian scientist. This shows that the scientific growth that has been the source of Iranian self-confidence and serves as a thorn in the enemies' eyes who have never been Iranian well-wishers.", concluded Zarif.