Hamedan (IP) - Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander has said that if the enemies continue their malicious behaviour, they will receive big crushing responses from the Iranian nation.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Delivering a speech at the Basij Forces (mobilized voluntary forces) conference on Thursday in Hamadan, west of Iran, Major General Hossein Salami said that the Iranian nation is a resistant, honorable, and powerful one.

He referred to the hardships of the enemy-imposed sanctions on Iran and stressed that tolerating the difficulties is not considered as bowing down to enemy, but a resistance against enemies, which leads to the felicity of the Iranian Nation God willing.

The conference held in Hamadan was attended by a 10-thousand-people gathering of Basiji forces on the last day of Basij Week.

In another part of his speech, Major General Salami said that the US is an exhausted system suffering from political Alzheimer.

He reiterated: "The US political system pursues the retrogression and humiliation of nations, a system's interaction to which prevent nations from flourishing and progress."   

"Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the heart of political developments dominating the field of operations worldwide," he remarked.

"In the economic battle, the enemy's agenda was breaking of the Iranian nation's economic spirit and encouraging them to surrender, thinking that the nation would succumb to the sanctions, but the enemy itself was defeated by the Iranian people," Salami added.

The IRGC Commander stressed that the Basijis do sacrifices for sake of nation's peace and security, saying that Basij is a divine miracle inspired to the heart of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RH), a holy tree deep-rooted in the soul of the Iranian nation by the Leader of Islamic Revolution. 207

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