Tehran (IP) - Geographically located within the Sa’dabad Complex in the northern part of Tehran, the Water Museum is a cultural center for restoring the heritages remained from our ancestors.

Iran PressIran news: They used these heritages to acquire, transmit, distribute, and exploit water. The Water Museum of Sa’dabad Complex in Tehran consists of three parts of the central building, the vicinity building, and an open area.

There are four exhibits in the central building and one in the vicinity. In the second building the tourist would visit the model of the dams built in Iran after the Islamic Revolution and after watching some episodes about the water industry, they are presented with many antique objects and their documentation.

The Water Museum of Sa’dabad Complex in Tehran is a place that can fully demonstrate everything related to this valuable creature of God. Planning to travel to Iran, we highly recommend you to experience Alaedin Travel professional services. 207

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