The top commander of the army has confirmed that Iranian air defenses downed an intruding drone on Friday, which entered the country's airspace near the southern city of Mahshahr.

Iran Press/Iran news: Major General Seyyed Abdul-Rahim Mousavi told reporters on Saturday: "We cannot definitively determine the origin and mission of the UAV, but what is certain is that the UAV flew at low altitude to evade any Radar. However, the drone was detected and was targeted by a domestically made Mersad surface-to-air missile."

"What is important is that the UAV was monitored and destroyed with a very low-altitude Radar, which is one of the features of the Mersad all-terrain system," said Mousavi according to Iran Press.  

"The downed drone definitely belonged to a foreign country. Its wreckage has been recovered and is being examined," the commander added.

The army has shot down an aggressor foreign drone over Mahshahr.

"It was a firm reaction to an intruding foreign drone ... shooting it down before it got a chance to reach sensitive sites of the country," Alireza Sabahifard, the commander of Iran Air Defense Force said. 101/211

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