Larijani criticizes UN actions

The secretary of Iran's High Council for Human rights Mohammad Javad Larijani has slammed the United Nations for its unreasonable resolutions against Iran.

Iran Press/ Europe: Mohammad Javad Larijani has criticized the UN for its work over the past 40 years, saying that every year we see another unreasonable UN resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran Press reported.

During a meeting with a number of human rights representatives in Geneva on Wednesday, Mohammad Javad Larijani emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran is seeking to develop cooperation with international human rights bodies, adding that a country like Iran that holds an election every year, is a democratic country and does not deserve to be the target of United Nations resolutions.

Mohammad Javad Larijani, who traveled to Geneva on Tuesday, also attended the meeting of ambassadors of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Speaking about Iran's progress in areas such as health and women's rights, Larijani highlighted the Islamic Republic of Iran's most important achievement in the last 40 years as the new social structure.


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